Advance Your Crow Pose with Variations

    Crow pose is an arm balance that is a milestone pose for many yogis. Also known as Bakasana, crow pose helps strengthen your arms, abs, and wrists while stretching the back. Cody coach Patrick Beach is guiding you through three crow pose variations to deepen your practice.

    To build strength while you are still working up to classic crow pose, keep your knees wide while in the pose, and don’t force your knees to rest on the back of the arms. Begin in a squat position with your knees wide, then place your hands on the ground in front of you. Slowly begin transferring weight to your hands as you shift forward. If you can, pick up one foot at a time until they are hovering above the ground. Keep your core engaged as you hold the pose for a series of breaths.

    his variation adds dynamic movement to your classic crow. Begin in a squatting position with your knees wide, and hands planted firmly in front of you. Slowly lean forward as you transfer your weight to your hands, and lift your feet off the ground. Root down through your hands, then on an exhale, pull the knees onto the back of the arms and hold. On an inhale, lower the knees back down to the outside of the arms. Repeat the movement for a series of breaths.