Vision Statement

    We realize that enduring individual and social change happens when we as a whole cooperate. That is the reason, at the Muscle Max, fortifying group is our cause. Consistently, we work one next to the other with our neighbors to ensure that everybody, paying little respect to age, pay or foundation, has the chance to learn, develop and flourish.

    Our Strength is in Community

    The Muscle Max is a philanthropic like no other. That is on account of in 10,000 neighborhoods the country over, we have the nearness and associations to not simply guarantee, but rather convey, positive change.

    The Muscle Max is group focused. For about 160 years, we’ve been tuning in and reacting to our groups.

    The Muscle Max unites individuals. We interface individuals of any age and foundations to connect the crevices in group needs.

    The Muscle Max sustains potential. We trust that everybody ought to have the chance to learn, develop and flourish.

    The Muscle Max has neighborhood nearness and worldwide reach. We assemble neighborhood groups to impact enduring, important change.