My observation about Xtreme Nitro;

When I joined college I was a bulky and a fat guy and I use to have a extra large size because of my fat look and then because of my looks I got many bad comments specially on my big fat belly . but when I passed a short time in college I met a girl who was really pretty and she asked me that I should start gym and reduce my fat and make up muscles as I had height so she wanted me to look like a muscular person and she also told me that I can do it if I try a bit. So I thought I should give it a try as she was really lovely to me and I never wanted to break her heart. So I joined gym and then started work out and also started running with her.

She was already going to gym from many years. So I joined gym so I think that was change in me and now I started feeling great change in myself. As I started losing weight and also started getting mass of muscles. And then I found this product Xtreme Nitro after wards which really helped me in getting the desired results. But it was not in the start and I used it when she asked me to use it as her brother was also using it in gym and she said he is also getting fat lose and also the bigger muscles so I thought to start it.


Xtreme Nitro description;

Her brother was also a good friend of mine and we use to work out together in gym and when I started doing gym with him he also asked me to use this Xtreme Nitro. So I started using it but the best thing he told me about this use was that he has been using it from last one year and he was really a sharp cuts on his body and also bigger muscles. He told me that it has totally harmless ingredients and they really boost up the muscles growth. I was not interested in using it at first but then she insisted me to start using it and I said ok I will use it and after a month I started it because it took me almost a month to lose weight.

But when I lost weight I was pretty satisfied and I never dreamed of getting bulk of muscles. But due to her insisting habit I started working out and used this product. I think it proved me to be one of the best product as the time I started using it I felt a change in myself even in studies and also in sports instead of heavy gym and also the hectic routine of my life. But as I used it was proving me the best results and he also inspired me with his muscles show of and then just because I started getting best results she asked me to get ready for the competition of the college which was coming after few months.

Xtreme Nitro ingredients:

I am not an expert about the ingredients even but I think what I have read from the internet and other feedbacks from that guy I think this is made up of the most beneficial ingredients which are supposed to be present in a product and so far as I could remember the ingredients which are used in this product are mostly the natural ingredients which goes in body and work in it in a very natural way and that is why they are not at all harmful for body few of them are listed as follows.

  • L-Creatine
  • L-Arginine
  • Vitamin B3 and B12
  • Citrulline Malate
  • Chromium
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Green Tea Extract


As a college student and as a beginner I never started it as a permanent solution for my body r the muscles but even then when I used it was really a boosting effect in y life. I think I never felt as I felt after using it because it made me an active guy and after losing my weight I really got a new life. I think for the people who have started using it as a beginner and do not have any professional limitation I think they should use it as one capsule a day because I think that is more than enough for me. I use to take it just after the workout because I think that is the most needful time when the body needs what all is present in a capsule. But then when she asked me to prepare for the competition then I started using it twice a day one before the work out too because at that time I use it for around more than a month and I think my body was tuned up for this workout and for this substances. So it is clear from my observation that for the users who are beginner should use one and those who have been using this kind of products of the same product they can use it twice a day as they are habitual and also able to do more workout.


Does it really work?

When I made up my mind that I will get myself ready for the competition and I will prepare myself for that. So I started working out in a serious way and my college friends were also motivating me and also I made up a group of friends who use to go with me to gym few use to work out and few use to just support me as the wanted me to win that competition. I think it took me almost three months to make myself able to show up in front of my class fellows as a competitor and they all were extremely surprised when I removed my short in front of them and they all said that I have really transformed myself from a fat guy to a muscular guy.

One of the most motivating factor for doing all this was her love and motivation with me as she really wanted to see me up there with that trophy so I think with the help of this product and with the hard and heavy workout I managed to get that trophy and that was a clear indication about the 100 % results of this Xtreme Nitro as that success was a success for me and for this product on me.

How does it work?

In the beginning when I just wanted to lose weight I tried hard and even the diet plans and many exercises but then there was some fat in my body which was really hard to get rid of so I enhanced my workout and lessen then diet but that could not work enough for me but then when I used this product it really helped me in removing those fat from my body which really made me worried and hopeless that I will never lose them in my life. and after that when I wished to go for the competition it really boosted me and pushed me for more and more workout because its smartly selected ingredients which are proved to be most effective and do not give any side effect so I think it’s working is simple awesome. It simply goes in blood stream helps in burning fat which are almost impossible to lose with any exercise and also excites the hormones in body which boost up the growth of muscles and also the healthy body after a month of workout. It even triggers brain to generate more and more power an also made me mentally stronger and I can do well in studies also.

Is there any risk?

I am not a person who trusts on things so easily so it was really hard for me to start trusting on this product and I was so much hesitated because I was not mentally ready for taking up the risk as I heard from many people that these products result in a permanent fat in body so I was scared but then when I use it for a week and after that I saw my body was even losing those fat which I was unable to get rid of so thought to give it a try till the competition because it was really working and that fear was finished in just 2 weeks time when I started observing the results on my body.

So about the risk yes I took it but then I think all the risk was if I never have used it because I might have lost the competition. So I will recommend not worrying about any bad results of this product as it is totally safe for the health. And this is my personal experience and I can bet on this. But still if someone thinks he is at stake he should get it confirmed and checked before using or blaming the product because I think I have got the best thing out of market for myself.

When to expect results:

After using it for around 2 weeks I was asked by my class fellows that I should start preparing myself for the competition so I think that was the time when they all felt a change in me as I was losing my fat in a very fast way and also I was building up the muscles too. I think to get the expected result may vary because we all have different aims and to achieve them we need different time and workouts but in general way to expect the result I think it is to be used for at least three months so that the body can have a was not difference from what it was previously.

So to get the expected result its fair usage and also the routine of workout plus the diet and the sleeping and other routines also matter but to sum up all of them and to give a precise statement I think it has 3 months time for it best result even it can show up the results in just 2 weeks but they are very less and cannot satisfy the person like me.


Visible benefits:

  • I have lost all the fat around my back and belly
  • I have increased the chest size
  • The bicep size is extraordinarily pumped up
  • My health is better and I do not get sick often
  • I feel more energetic and active
  • I am doing well in my exams and also other activities in my college
  • I have won a body building competition at college level
  • I have got the best shape I ever dreamed
  • My stamina is also increased

Doctor’s point of view:

If I say that I never went to doctor for his opinion it will be too contradicting but I think I did not but the main reason that I did not because I have a proof in front of me as my girlfriend’s brother was using it and he had asked and tested it form many labs and all of them approved it for a good health and for the best future of a healthy and muscular life. So I think the satisfaction he got from all those doctors were more than enough for me because as I mentioned earlier I started it just because of her and what all she said I had total belief on her but later on she told me that she herself got it tested by many doctors before recommending it.

So I was relaxed and even I was also relaxed because I did not find and bad effect on my body after suing it and I think that is the main reason that I never visited any doctor because of this product. But yes I got it advised b one of my family doctor but after using it for almost 3 weeks and he said that I can use it for future also because he said he do not find anything on which he should stop me for using this product. Rather he asked me to keep updating him about the results I get out of this as he himself was interested in using it.

Alternative solutions:

When my girlfriend asked me to use this product as it will burn my fat I asked her to give me a week’s time to try my other methods to resolve this fat issue but all went in vain because I tried my best but I could only reduce it but could not totally get rid of them so I think that solution was also workable but still they were not so perfect even the diet and other methods can be considered as the alternative methods but I think they work to a limit and after that I became hopeless but still they are as follows

  • Eat less and reasonable
  • Eat more fruit and fresh vegetables
  • Avoid junk food
  • More workouts on daily basis
  • More power boosting drinks with the heavy workout
  • Avoid soft drinks and drink juices
  • Do more running and walk on daily basis
  • Try to sleep more and keep the mood better
  • Avoid over stressing the body for unknown reasons


  • It fights the fat in body
  • It boosts the energy level of body
  • It increases the testosterones in body and other hormones
  • It creates a strong will power to workout out harder and heavier
  • It generates the vitamins and other carbohydrates which are essential for body
  • It makes the body and mood calm down to fight against stress
  • It really increases the stamina of muscles and repairs them



  • It has no local market and no availability in local market
  • It is not been approved by FDA even it is made on that standards
  • It is not recommended for females and under 18 boys
  • It is recommended with the doctor’s advice

For getting quick results;

I will recommend to ask for a guidance or a daily schedule from some experienced person who has also used different product for making up the muscles because he will be able to guide about the workout and also about how to get the maximum out of this product and I think the way I have used is also a better option to follow because I got a great size of muscles in shortest time and I think this was an achievement for e in that short time. But to use the dosage according to own will and keep changing it on daily or weekly basis may also react in a bad way so I think one should always seek some guidance before using it and for getting the best results.

Legal disclaimer;

The ingredients I have mentioned above may vary from those which you may get in the label of the product when ordered. But I can assure you to make sure the product you get are registered from company and then also check for the ingredients. And if the label is also changed look for that label product on internet and if you cannot find that product you should ask for a replacement of that product with in the warrantee period so that you can get the original one in time and without wastage of money.

Product comparison:

I think after using such a productive product I don’t think I need any other product to use and I think I have changed my opinion because the way it have grown my body I think I will not take any risk with my body and my health by using another product but the feedback my girlfriend’s brother as he told me that he used many other products but that the end he ended up with this product as this product is fast in results and also have a positive effect on body so I think I do not need to go ahead of his comments and I stayed and using the same product after a year has passed and I think I will continue with it as long as I could.

My final opinion;

I think what all I have achieved so far my friends circle m girlfriend my good grade and above all the built I have with a bulk of muscles on me and the fitness level and the stamina I have all is dedicated to this product because before this product I never had such good friend and body or even the health I was even weak in studies so I think my life is totally change to 180degree after its use and I think I have got a new birth in my life as I see my older pictures and I compare myself from that time and what I am now I see a great change in myself and I feel myself a totally transformed person as I have my girlfriend who is more loving to me now and she is the reason I have got all this and I am really proud of this Xtreme Nitro and also her.

Money back guarantee:

I am the type of person who needs time to trust on anything I use and that is why I always prefer those product in my life which have some warrantee or have some money back offer with them because I feel comfortable in buying a trying those products so this product also had 2 weeks trial and money back guarantee which was really a bigger reason I started using it and that is how it gained my attention and then resulted in getting my confidence.

Where to buy?

For the first time she ordered for me but then I searched it in local market and I could not find it so I asked her that where she got it from so she asked me to buy it front the online shop or the website link which is given of the official website.